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Posted by : Unknown sábado, 28 de setembro de 2013

Lovex just released their fourth record ”State of Mind” and we got the chance to chat with the singer Theon about how they deal with criticism, how a typical rehearsal looks like and what he does when he gets stuck in the lyric writing process.

Despite all the negative feedback concerning “Don Juan” the record itself got a lot of positive feedback. How do you deal with especially negative criticism and do they influence your choice of future music style?
Theon: Well, I am grown to be a bit immune to it and especially with “Don Juan” it was very expected. But if it is like constructive and not about the style of music, what is clearly about opinions, then I take a closer look at it. But if it is about like something is too pop or too rock, it is just about opinions and negative feedback about opinions can’t be taken seriously.

Christian and you were responsible for the new record concerning the writing music and lyrics. The influence of Christian can be heard clearly. Was it a natural development that Christian took a bigger part in the process?
Theon: Well, with “Watch Out” we all did good songs, but we really didn’t have as much time to prepare them as a band like we did before. And it seemed that the songs I and Christian made simply were the best of what we had at that moment. And with the new album no one else really even tried to bring in anything, because they felt the way we did it with “Watch Out”, felt pretty easy natural and it sounded good and sounds what Lovex should sound like today.

How did feel to hear that you were #1 in Rumba list and # 7 in the official album list?
Theon: I was really sad. (Laughing) No of course, I was really happy. And more than happy, I was surprised. I didn’t expect this kind of position but I guess it was a good week also. There were no big records coming out that week. But it felt really good.
And how did hear about it?
Theon: Actually Julian texted me. Because we talked about it a bit earlier that Julian had heard some talk about the list. And he asked me if we had even made it to the list, and I said that the new list still hasn’t come up.

During the recording process of an album which day is better: the first or the last one?
Theon: I like it when it is over. Although we have a lot of time to do things over and over again, it is still a bit intimidating because you have to do it then and there. And if you have a bad day it might sound a bit bad. It is not the part of music that I really like. I like the part where we are composing, writing lyrics and arranging the songs but putting them on a record is not my favorite part.

Was there during the writing process and phases in which you did not have the ideas or the lyrics just so you flew to?
Theon: I always have many of those moments. And sometimes, I get a solution I am happy with, sometimes I don’t. But sometimes you just have to let go. You can’t do it more over and over again like a hundred times and try to tweak every single word to be perfect, but there a lot of those times because of the timetables. Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of enough time to get into the emotions and get the best of what you have thought.

And what you did when you ran out of inspiration?
Theon: Then I have to stop for a while. Maybe drink a few beers. Maybe sleep on it. Maybe exercise, do some sports. Maybe listen to other music. There is a lot of stuff. Anyways it always needs some fresh ideas. You have to take a little bit of distance in between to see it more objectively.

How does a typical Lovex rehearsal looks like?
Theon: Typical? Hmm…Everyone is late like approximately half an hour. And Jason is often wearing his work clothes because he comes straight from work. And someone has always a beer or two and everyone else is jealous that they haven’t any. And then we talk some sh*t quite long. And if the rehearsal should start around six, we start playing like quarter past seven or something like that. And then we just play and it is not like a gig situation. It is more like sitting on chairs and trying to remember what everyone is supposed to do.

Do you think it is easier for you to learn the lyrics or for the guys to play together?
Theon: Well, it depends on a lot about the song. With more like slow temper songs, slow songs, more emotional songs the guys really don’t have much to play, it is a lot on my shoulders. But when I remember the lyrics well, I think it takes more effort for the guys. And I just can rock out with my cock out.

Imagine that a movie about Lovex is going to be filmed, which actor would you like to characterize you?
Theon: I already know who would play Jason. You know the Zach Galifianakis, the one who is in the “Hangover” movies? But me…moi… It is a tough one. At least he should look a bit like me… or not. Or maybe could be a really cool black guy. Or then some sort of geek. Well I really don’t have a good answer for this, so I just say some of my favorite actors Will Ferrell.

A bit older than you…
Theon: Older and very different looking and a lot taller than me … (laughing)
And what advice would you give to him to resemble as much as possible to you?
Theon: Hmm…That is a really hard one. Just try to lower your IQ a bit and act like you are drunk for the first time… (laughing)

What are the funniest or most embarrassing stories your family tells about you?
Theon: Most of the stories are pretty good. But I guess maybe the stories when they first found out I was drinking when I was still under aged. Came home smelling something else than lemonade and stuff like that. And my dad came next day knocking on my head: “Does it hurt??”So they had a bit of fun about that. But I have been nude as much when I’ve been old and I was young..(Laughing)

So it hasn’t changed much… (Laughing)
Theon: Not that much with the family but elsewhere… (Laughing)

If you could hold on to just one memory from your life forever, what would that be? So did you have this kind of moment already?
Theon: I kind of wish it is still ahead of me. Because I don’t feel like I had the life changing experience. Like getting married or having a child or something like that. I hope the best is yet to come. Although, I am happy but still there is a lot more to expect.

How has your life been different than what you’d imagined?
Theon: Oh in so many ways. When I turned thirty, I was reminiscing about the thoughts, I had when I was a lot younger, what my life would be. I never even really expected to become a musician .And probably thought that, by this age, I would already have children and a steady job and stuff like that. But I am not complaining. It’s been a nice ride and I still hope that I haven’t reached the half of it.

How would you like to be remembered?
Theon: I like to be remembered as someone who is good hearted and treat people well.

What would you do if you’ve got only one day left?
Theon: Probably, all the idiotic stuff everyone has ever thought of doing. All the stuff you shouldn’t do. Maybe a quick tour to say “Hi” to the family members and do all the stuff that is forbidden. Get wasted in all possible ways and do all the nasty stuff.  (Laughing) Maybe not rob a bank, because it really sucks to be in jail the last day.

If you win in the lottery, what would you do at first?
Theon: Hide it. (Laughing) Guarding it. And live the rest of my life alone just guarding the money… (Laughing) Well, I guess I would head to the airport, go somewhere, and maybe come back at some point. But definitely would go away somewhere that would be the first thing. After a couple of months, come back and try to organize all the stuff that’s gone wrong.

If you could live in a different country to Finland, where would it be?
Theon: I would like to go to Australia / New Zealand. I’ve never been there and always wanted to go. As much as I know there are a lot of things I could cope there.

Thank you very much for the interview Theon!

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Order the new album on: http://www.recordshopx.com/artist/lovex/state_of_mind/

- Katti

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